Verandahs are an important element to the Australian lifestyle. They’re a place where people can escape from the outdoors and enjoy themselves in their own private space, or they can be used for entertaining guests on hot days. Verandah construction is a skilled trade that requires skillful planning and precise execution to ensure your verandah is structurally sound, weatherproofed and aesthetically pleasing.

Veranda installation Ipswich

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Why have a verandah

A verandah is a type of porch or deck, usually open at the front and often enclosed by a railing. A verandah may also be referred to as an “all-weather room” in tropical climates. Verandahs are typically found on houses, bungalows, cottages, and other buildings designed for living in hot climates such as Florida or India. The typical layout of these structures includes multiple rooms with high ceilings that are positioned around one side of the house and all face outside onto the verandah. They can create great outdoor spaces for entertaining guests while still being protected from harsh weather conditions like rain or intense sunlight.

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Dedicated to your decking needs, we offer expert advice on everything from design and construction through the finishing touches of painting – all in one stop! You’ll love our dedication to quality workmanship, friendly service with an open attitude about what really matters most: making sure you’re satisfied with your deck.


Deck Builders Ipswich are the experts in all aspects of decking. We can build any type of deck for you, from a small garden deck to an elaborate multi level one with stairs and railings. Deck builders Ipswich will offer you advice on what kind of materials would be best suited to your needs before starting any work. Deck Builders Ipswich will also install railings and other accessories for you, giving your deck the finishing touches it needs to make it a complete project.
We provide all types of wood decks as well as composite ones which are becoming more popular today due to their durability and appearance. Deck builders Ipswich can design decks that suit any type of circumstance, from small town gardens to large city backyards.
No matter what you are looking for Deck Builders Ipswich can provide it! Contact us today about our decking services and let Deck Builders Ipswich transform your outdoor space into an extension of your living area.

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A deck is a great way to get the most out of your home, whether it’s used for entertaining guests or simply relaxing in the sun. A Deck Builder can help make this possible by designing and building decks that are specifically tailored to your needs. With our service you’ll be able to enjoy a deck without the expense and hassle of building it yourself. We offer a variety of decking materials, including composite and natural wood. Our decks are built to last with top-quality construction using the finest materials available. Contact us today for more information on our services or call us.

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